Philosophy In Practice


Philosophy In Practice

The Practical Philosophy Course

In Person Practical Philosophy Introductory courses are now back.

We have missed meeting you face to face at our local centres!

Now we are back with live Introductory Courses at:

Leeds, Loughborough, Nottingham, Sheffield, Doncaster, Brighouse, and Huddersfield starting in September 2022. Check location pages for start dates and enrolment.

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In Person courses start week commencing September 2022. Click on your local centre and enrol now, places are limited, introductory fee only £10.00

Practical Philosophy includes practical steps in Mindfulness, Stillness and Peace of Mind along with other disciplines to help you through the week.

For each and every one of us, finding a balance between wisdom, happiness and love provides the means for a fuller and more rewarding life.

This introductory course in practical philosophy concentrates on these three themes.

Taking each in turn, over three terms, the course provides an understanding of what a naturally balanced life is like, and offers practical steps to achieve this for oneself.  The first term fee is £10.00 a reduction from the normal fee of £65.00.

For those students that wish it, the opportunity to take up mantra meditation is also made available. Meditation is a central practice in regaining inner stillness and confidence.

In the company of like minded people, the introductory course in Practical Philosophy caters for all those that feel the need of a systematic way to enjoy a meaningful life, whatever their background, beliefs, education or gender.


Quotes from philosophy students…..

I first came to classes in about 2008 when I was a mum to 2 very young boys.  I was happy to be a mum  but felt totally exhausted, that I had ‘lost myself’ along the way and I was also rather bored/unfulfilled intellectually.  At the time the classes were a highlight of my week and in particular being introduced to the Pause was an absolute game changer.  Life felt like a never ending frantic hamster wheel and by being taught to Pause I found a way to step of that hamster wheel, albeit fleetingly, for a few moments throughout long days of juggling the demands of work and young children.  I also used to adore coming to the school in Chapel Allerton which was a beautiful space, exuding calm and a testament to the care that was given to it by the students of the school.

When my husband started to work away in the week in 2011, I was sadly unable to continue with my classes as I did not have a babysitter.  We also moved from Chapel Allerton to Harrogate in the intervening years. However I continued my studies by reading lots of Echart Tolle type books, re training as a Coach,  devouring any R4 programs on Philosophy, reading Alain de Botton, taking a MSBR course on mindfulness  etc.

In 2016 I was finally able to return to the school.  After a few changes we became a settled and established group with Liz. The group is wonderful – very supportive and loving and everyone is good at respecting and listening to each others viewpoints.


Specific changes I have found from Practical Philosophy are:-

I feel that as a result of studying with the school  I have become much less trapped by my tiny little life and thoughts about it.  My whole world view has shifted and I am able to see myself as part of a bigger Universal whole.  I try to deal with all the challenges that life throws up through that prism now.  

I feel challenged and satisfied intellectually.  

I am more patient. Not perfectly so, but certainly better.

I have a wealth of ideas from some of the wisest minds to have lived that I can draw on to help me navigate my way through life.

I am massively more appreciative of the beauty of the natural world – I really feel that being in nature feeds and nourishes me and keeps me well. I am a great believer of ‘Let that which is before you be your teacher’ and in nature I find a wise and ever changing teacher. It was always there, but I would have been blind to it without my Philosophy classes. 

I was quite volatile/ passionate / argumentative before but I am much more considered / calm now  – my moods fluctuate much less.

I am much more comfortable with the idea of death and dying.  

I am a more thoughtful friend and neighbour –  I bring people’s bins out, I make time to chat to the people who live alone etc.

I have widened my circle of concern and I am of Service more gladly and willingly – I pick up litter in the street, I enjoy keeping my home nice for my family, I make marmalade and give it to elderly neighbours, undertake voluntary work for the homeless , have adopted an older rescue dog etc.

I have made some wonderful friends.

I am much, much happier.

I would recommend the School wholeheartedly to anyone who is curious about the bigger questions, and who wants to meet with like minded people for conversations that enlighten and nourish the soul.


“Thank you so much to my tutor for the wonderful classes that you have taken. My whole life has transformed since joining the course. I feel a much better person and that is all credit to you and the way you conduct the class and encourage its members.”


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