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10 week Elementary Sanskrit Course


Elementary Sanskrit

Sanskrit is the oldest language known forming the basis of the Indo-European languages. It was formalised in the era when the teachings of the wise sages were passed down by word of mouth. The rules of the language were laid down by the grammarian Panini, and have been adhered to ever since, resulting in the maintenance of the purity and precision.
This course is for people who are complete beginners, no language skills are required. We will move gently, focusing on the qualities of purity and precision, as well as the beauty of the written characters. By the end of the 10 weekly sessions, students will be able to read, speak and write the alphabet and some simple words; be able to recite one of the ancient chants, following the way that wisdom was passed down by word of mouth.
By practising mindfulness in study, students will achieve a deep satisfaction from this course, which in itself is the best reason for participating.
Students will be expected to practise their oral homework for a minimum of 5 minutes per day and their written homework for 20 minutes twice a week.
It is anticipated that there will be further terms covering the development of words, sentence construction and elementary translation.
The course content is set out below, but may be adjusted to suit participants. Each session will have an oral element and a written element.

1. The five basic vowels.
2. The kantah, talu, and osthau consonants.
3. The murdha and dantah consonants.
4. Semi-vowels and combined vowels.
5. Sibilants and review. Begin learning a sutra.
6. Consonants supported by other vowels. Continue learning a sutra.
7. Conjunct consonants. Sutra practice.
8. Simple words. Sutra practice.
9. Concept of linga. Sutra practice.
10. Consideration of a second term. Revision of term 1. Sutra practice.

“The beauty of the purity and precision is just perfect.”

“I find the mindful practice brings me to a deep stillness”

Location 78 Carter Knowle Road S7 2DX
Start date Thursday 26th September 7.15 pm to 9.15pm
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Cost £50.00

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